KNOX – System integration server

Product features


KNOX is a intelligent server solution, developed to counter commercially available drones, by integrating sensors and deterrents from MyDefence and others, and display it in a command and control (C2) system. It is designed to be used in military camps, prisons, control post, critical infrastructure, private property or sport stadiums.

KNOX is a server based solution, integrating sensors, shooters, jammers and more, in to a single display system. It allows for large scale surveillance from a single laptop to multiple workstations. As a detection and counter UAV platform, developed to detect commercially available drones (synonym to UAV, UAS, RPAS etc.), it’s completely scalable, as a networked system with hardware and embedded software algorithms for drone detection and disturbance, coupled to a graphical user interface.

KNOX is able to detect and identify drones around secure areas (like permanent installations or mobile soft targets), and to protect by disturbing the device communication at the precise wireless frequency of the drone without interfering with other RF signals.

EAGLE, a one-man deployable radar specially developed for detecting small moving targets.

Technical details


  • Easily connect to any sensor
  • Integrate sensors to one platform
  • Data-logging of all incidents
  • Proprietary algorithms to identify threat, no-threat
  • Detection by sensing remote control signals, video and telemetry
  • Indicates location of drone pilot
  • Remote controlled drones can be detected even before they take off
Cover large facilities with the distributed sensor and jammer network
  • Integration with command and control systems
  • Mobility support with portable and wearable equipment

Technical specifications and add-ons

  • Windows/linux server
  • Low power consumption


  • Acoustic surveillance
  • Jamming
  • Ballistic interceptors
  • 3D Radar tracking
  • Camera and video analysis
  • Drone wall interceptor
  • IRIS C2 system