Senior Field Application Engineer- Unmanned Aerial Systems Controls

Minimum Requirements

  • M.S. Electrical Engineering
  • Greater than 6 years of industry experience

MyDefence North America seeks an experienced and innovative RF engineer with skills in design, implementation and measurement of high frequency / microwave circuits, as well as antennas and their radiation in a wide frequency spectrum. We are currently developing a new series of products that will be the basis for future electronic support and protection against enemy drones, roadside bombs and communications.

Tasks and responsibilities

Design and implementation of RF circuits from baseband to antenna, operating within given guidelines and product specifications.

  • Unmanned Aerial Systems control signals
  • Antenna Design and Implementation
  • Detection and classification of communication signals
  • The development of autonomous and self-learning systems
  • RF / microwave circuit design, implementation and testing
  • Radiation Measurements of own and third-party systems
  • Specification of hardware interfaces to third party systems
  • Introduction of new hardware platforms and support for software developers
  • Setting up and maintenance of hardware toolchain to schematic, layout and testing in cooperation with selected partners
  • Documentation and patenting
  • Interaction with development partners and research institutions


You will become part of our High-Performance Development Team based in Denmark, where the tasks are both challenging and creative. As a Field Application Engineer, you are the link between development, customer and sales. Your goal is to generate technical solutions and successfully implement them with the customer. You will use existing products and concepts to work out system solutions for customers. This requires in-depth knowledge of the product: You are familiar with all of the details from development to testing through to the sales strategy. As you will have direct contact with customers, you must have excellent communication skills. Ideally you have experience with SDR platforms and hands-on experience with RF in a wide frequency spectrum, as well as an in-depth knowledge of wireless communication in noisy environments will be an advantage.

As a person, we would like you to have the following characteristics:

  • You have a positive attitude to everyday challenges and get ideas of all the opportunities you see.
  • You are eager to acquire new skills.
  • You thrive in an unpretentious environment where there is short from idea to action.
  • You are a team player, naturally included in our daily development work.
  • You give a helping hand even if it is outside your main field of competence.
  • You are result oriented, persistent and release the job only after satisfactory completion
  • You can work independently with an overview and a systematic and analytical approach to tasks.
  • You are able to communicate with and involve partners at different levels.

About MyDefence North America

MyDefence North America(MDNA) is a subsidiary of MyDefence Communication (MDC) ApS. MDC is a Danish company with offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg, DK Denmark.  MyDefence NA is located in Raleigh, North Carolina.

MDC works with research and product development for the international defense and security industry focusing on wireless communication and advanced signal analysis. MyDefence Uses the latest technologies in wireless communications and works with a groundbreaking energy-efficient wireless platform, which is the focal point for the development of future support and protection in electronic warfare. We work closely with Aalborg University in Denmark, Airbus Defense & Space, as well as a number of innovative companies in the high-tech sector to meet customer demand for high quality and innovative products for the benefit of safety and the tactical freedom of dismounted soldiers in the world hotspots.

MyDefence offers a very exciting workplace with room for immersion and where individual

efforts are weighted very high. We are a young, healthy, constructive and highly innovative company focused on optimal correlation between research and development.

Application and contact

Submit your Resume or CV and cover letter to: Your inquiry will of course be treated confidentially.

  • Start Date: Within 30 days
  • Working hours: Part Time/Project Based or Full time
  • Workplace: Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Travel: Approximately 25%