Doing business with MyDefence

We have a unique and transparent business setup at MyDefence, which benefits the customer experience and saves time for all parties involved.

  1. You will fist make contact to a MyDefence Business Development representative, either from MyDefence or as an affiliated partner
  2. The Business Development unit will determine your needs, help you figure our the board scheme of your requirements, teach the basics of counter drone technologies and show you all of what MyDefence offers
  3. Our “Technical Sales Unit”, will thereafter handle your case. You will engage in a close dialog about the specifics of the requirement and they will ensure you receive a quote for the optimal solution. They are also able to provide you with quotes of different entry levels, according to budgets and installation resources.
  4. The Business Development unit will “close the deal” with you. Contract and delivery terms will be settle by our experienced employee’s making sure your every need is covered and taken care of.
  5. Once the contract is signed, our “Installation Team” will take over. The entire system, training and more will be handle by our ex-military officers, whom will ensure you know every corner of the system, is able to operate according to procedure and work smart in any dangerous situation.

This five step process, we believe, is an easy, transparent and professional solution to all parties involved.

MyDefence Drone Alarm & Protection System