Our commitment

We understand that key demands of modern warfare requires faster, lighter and more flexible systems. At MyDefence we work with only the highest quality of wireless product development both with our standard solutions and tailored turn-key projects. Interoperability is a keyword at MyDefence as we focus on Size, Weight and Power (SWaP), which serves as a force multiplier, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the user.

Reliability, testing and maintenaince

To counter threats in mission critical operations, the reliability of the utilized equipment is critical. Hence, continues support becomes a critical requirement for many nations and organizations.

MyDefence has implemented rigorous testing procedures at every stage of the product development, even at sub-system level, in order to achieve the required reliability. Our solutions are future-proof through our maintenance program, and can be upgraded in the field, after deployment, which secures continues operations.

Modular system architecture

Adaptability of equipment is critical in an industry where the threat environment is changing rapidly and unpredictably. MyDefence solutions are designed with high flexibility and modularity in mind. The modular built systems have clearly defined interfaces on module and system level.

Turn-key Product Management

Whether the product is to be man-portable, mounted on a vehicle or fixed to an airplane, the engineers at MyDefence will realize your wireless development project from idea to production and maintain it in the field.