Law enforcement

MyDefence Communication has identified that our clients within law enforcement agencies and police forces require effective security solutions that protect them in their operational environment. They are in need of robust, high-quality security solutions that are designed and developed to their specific needs.

Our engineers have developed security solutions that are specifically aimed for the use of law enforcement, which are flexible, upgradable, and with multi-purposes, making the same unit usable for both on foot, by vehicle or convoy and even in a larger stationary setting, e.g. police headquarters.

MyDefence Communication is known for delivering cost-effective security solutions aimed at law enforcement agencies and police forces.

Our available security solutions for law enforcement include:

  • Protection of law enforcement buildings
  • Protection of police forces
  • Protection of VIPs (e.g. Secret Service)
  • Protection of police vehicles and helicopters

Our flexible, modular design makes it easily upgradable and allows for the expansion to larger security systems. If you would like to enquire more information about our law enforcement  security solutions.

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