Prison services

Prison services have always faced a significant problem that persists to this day: the smuggling of illicit items into prisons. In particular, the smuggling of cell phones into prisons has become an increasing problem, as it allows the inmate to maintain control of events taking place outside the prison walls.

A fundamental issue in regard to countering this problem, is the lack of technological improvement – while inmates utilizes new and improved methods of smuggling illicit items, prison services have lacked the necessary tools to prevent it. Until now.

MyDefence has the expertise to establish the necessary preventive measures for detection and reactively stopping any form of electronic communication that inmates may take part in. Our advanced solution gives the operator complete control of the situation, and allows for precise identification of where the signal originates from. We can furthermore provide solutions that secure the perimeter of the prison facility.

Our solution will be customized to meet your demands, and is a modular system with various upgrades available, depending on your requirements.

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