newMyDefence Communication is constantly working on the next generation of our product line. Currently we have many exciting projects in the pipeline, and some are already showing tremendous progress and potential. Our R&D team consists of some of the very best in the field, and they have had significant break-throughs with some of their innovative ideas, establishing the foundation for the next-gen of our current security solutions.

However, MyDefence is not solely dedicated to one specific line of security technology. Our R&D has resulted in development of a completely new technology that will revolutionize certain aspects of combat and security situations.

This particular project is, however, still at its infant stage, and we will keep our customers updated as the technology matures. As a result, MyDefence is always on the look-out for new partners, who can contribute to finalizing new technology to meet the demands of end-consumers. Should your company have in interest in discussing a long-term partnership with MyDefence, then feel free to contact us.

For the end-user, the continous improvement of our technology will result in better and more flexible systems that can accommodate your requirements to a greater extend. Here at MyDefence, we are proud of the work we do, and we look forward to tell you more about our upcoming upgrades to existing security solutions.