Improvised Explosive Devices (IED)
Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have become the weapon of choice of adversaries and this phenomenon is likely to continue for decades. IEDs are fabricated in an improvised manner and designed to destroy property or incapacitate people and vehicles. The design of IEDs and the trigger systems used range from the ‘simple’ to the technologically developed. The production costs in general are low, and the components used include military ammunition like mines or artillery shells as well as freely available chemical components that can be combined to make explosives.

iedAlthough already used for many decades in civil wars and conflicts worldwide, the casualties caused by IEDs have a cumulative campaign effect and their use is key for terrorists, resistance movements and rogue elements in their fight against technologically superior forces. In Iraq and Afghanistan they have caused the majority of fatalities and casualties of international troops.

MyDefence Counter IED (c-IED Jammers & Detectors)
MyDefence Communication provide operational expertise on c-IED for troops deployed in the field. We have developed the latest scalable c-IED for infantry troops, convoys and buildings. We can provide the complete infrastructure for protecting your troops.

Our new range of innovative products targeted for mission critical operations, are particularly focused on man-portable C-IED jammers and detectors.

The MyDefence platforms consist of hardware, embedded software and mechanical housing. We embed cutting-edge technologies for smart antennas and Software Defined Radios, and the product range covers jamming, signal detection and robust wireless communication to sustain enemy jamming.

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